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Types of Cases Handled at Coate Law Office, Ltd.

The practice areas at the Coate Law Office, Ltd. fall under the categories of business law and personal law.

The specific areas we're familiar with include:
Business law
Whether you need help with contracts, intellectual property, securities law or employment law, Brandon Coate has the education and experience in business law to advise you.

Personal injury
If you have suffered bodily injury or emotional damage, Mr. Coate is capable of representing you in court. He will work hard to help you receive compensation for your injuries and emotional pain and suffering.
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We can help you either file for bankruptcy to have your debts discarded or create a payment plan to repay your debts. Our knowledge of bankruptcy laws will allow us to come up with possible solutions for your financial troubles.

Criminal defense
If you're being charged with a crime, retaining a criminal defense is important. Mr. Coate knows about the different conditions that can negate components of a crime.

Wills and Estate Administration
When you're ready to write your will, we can inform you of various laws regarding wills and estates so that you make sure your will is legally valid. We can assist with estate planning as well to help you divide your property based on your wishes. When a loved one has passed away, we will use our skill to assist in properly administering their Estate and completing the probate process with as little stress as possible on the family and friends.
Traffic defense
Lack of traffic defense sometimes results in serious penalties, such as jail time, expensive fees or a criminal record. Regardless of the traffic-related problem you're facing, we'll do our best to minimize or acquit your charge.

DUI/OVI defense
Being charged with a DUI or an OVI can result in worse penalties than license suspension. We'll protect your rights and do our best to contest the charges with our familiarity of the criteria that must be met in order to arrest someone for DUI or OVI.

Collection defense
Mr. Coate will be able to provide legal advice and representation if you have a debt collector after you. Some people are even faced with a debt collector or creditor that they have never heard of. Our lawyer will strive to get your charges cleared.